Christi Raak

AMPWDA Trainer

Christi Raak is a K9 Handler with a 6 yr old GSD, Stella. She and Stella certified in HRD through AMWPDA. In addition, she also holds certifications through NAPWDA in HRD and AIR SCENT, as well as a certification in disaster type II with NSDA. She heads up the training office for Missouri Search and Rescue K9, where she takes take pride in developing new handlers and watching them progress with their training.

Christi is a life long dog lover. Her canine training history started in 1998, working with breed rescue groups, rehabbing the behavior issue dogs. She has trained, certified and worked a therapy dog for over 6 years. She became a certified dog trainer in 2010, teaching pet dog obedience classes, including being an evaluator for AKC CGC testing. She started her nose work training career in 2011 and was immediately fascinated with every aspect of the working dog world, including: search strategy, scent theory and doing her part to give back to the community by helping bring closure to families and finding their lost or missing loved ones.