Penny Acton

AMPWDA Master Trainer

Penny started out working in Search and Rescue about eight (8) years ago. She has completed NIMS courses - 100, 200, 700 & 800. She has completed SAR 200/Ground Search Awareness III with Department of Homeland Security. She has completed courses in Pet First Aid (American Red Cross) and Weather Spotter. She has certified multiple Bloodhounds in mantrailing, is certified in Mantracking (without K9) and has assisted in multiple real life searches. She was or is a member of Morgan County SAR, IPWDA, INKY SAR and was a volunteer for the Victim Assistant Program through the Indianapolis Police Department. She also works full time as a Licensed Practical Nurse and is certified in CPR as a health professional.

Penny has well over 500 hours of training with AMPWDA Master Trainers - Tony Keith, Dave Wheeler and John Holcomb.  She has worked as a trainer at nine (9) AMPWDA National Seminars, The Winter Workshop, Jailbreak 2011, and The Real-Life Scenario Seminar.  She was promoted to Academy Commander in the fall of 2010 and in 2014 was named a Master Trainer.