Alessandro Folini

AMPWDA Trainer

For many years, Alessandro has had a keen interest in the training of K9s. He has attended two (2) AMPWDA National K9 Conferences, certifying his Bloodhound May at each event. He also has attended numerous other K9 seminars, classes and workshops in both, the United States and Europe. These seminars covered a wide range of topics, including: mantrailing, K9 aggression, dog behavior, learning theory, training dogs with behavioral problems and young dogs (puppys) etc.

Alessandro is certified as a HIK I Instructor with CertoDog (Swiss College for the training and certification of dog instructors)and as a BVET- SKN Instructor (BVET = Swiss Federal Veterinary Office). He is the founder and a member of K9-SAR 4dogs-gr and trains mantrailing teams in this organization. In addition, he works with a Mountain Rescue Organization, as well as, MT handlers from the State Police of GraubŁnden. He has also works with local authorities to maintain a state of readiness in regard to searching for lost or missing persons.