Edith Wiley

AMPWDA Assistant Trainer

Edith was born and raised in Canada where she grew up caring for and racing sled dogs. Their kennel was home to around fifty (50) dogs. She can tell you stories about how a pack of wolves thought they would make a meal out of her dogs, and the time she encountered bears sniffing around the kennel, and the time her sled came upon a cliff and a few of the dogs went over the edge and were left dangling above the snow covered rocks below. Or she could tell you how the dogs saved their lives by refusing to run on unstable ice.

She later moved to Kansas where she and her husband raised 5 children. Then about 7 years ago, she started training dogs again, but this time for search & rescue. She has a disaster dog, a human remains dog, and an air scent dog. She is currently an assistant trainer to a local dog team in Kansas, and participates on a national team that works to recover and bring closure to families. She enjoys working with people and meeting new faces. As she says, "Life is good, but it's better when you have a dog with you."