Jessica Tidwell

AMPWDA Master Trainer

Jessica Tidwell is a trainer in the Human Remains Detection (HRD) program. Jessica's long history of working with animals began at a young age, when she started showing and training horses. At the age of 9, she began obedience training with dogs and she has since progressed into a private dog obedience trainer. Jessica has been a member of a Volunteer HRD search team in the Houston Area for three years and has been deployed on approximately 30 searches. She joined AMPWDA in April of 2012 and certified her current working dog, Tempie, with AMPWDA at that time. As a trainer, Jessica has the ability to incorporate her own style of operant conditioning obedience training with HRD training to form a unique training style and increase the reliability of the dogs. To support her volunteer work and training, Jessica consults in canine nutrition