Peter Spurny

AMPWDA Trainer

Petr (Peter) was born and raised in formal Czechoslovakia. He has been actively around dogs since he was 15 years old- when his older brother introduced him to the true Working GSD (DDR/Czech blood), as he was K-9 handler in the armed forces (Border patrol). Peter was stunned by the dogs’ capabilities and endurance and since then, he has had a passion for dogs and working with them. When Peter decided to start training professionally in 2005, he went to Slovakia where he was trained by Juraj Jager, who trains dogs and works for Bureau of Corrections and Slovak Law Enforcement. Peter often travels back to his “homeland,” the Czech (and Slovak) Republic, where he works and learns from the best, participates in seminars …as there is ALWAYS something new to learn. Peter has trained quite of few dogs and he and his dog competed in numerous competitions (made it to USCA Nationals). In 2010, Peter teamed up with Petr Solc (Czech armed forces K-9 trainer and handler) and since then, they have been training Executive Protection dogs, Police dual purpose, etc. Together, they have over 80 titled dogs (of which 30 went BH-IPO3!) German shepherd training is his expertise and hobby.